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Greek Key Design Table Back

This is no original design by any means, but it is done with all my own measurements. The designer gave me a rough drawing and I redrew it in SU to scale.(The designer did give me the Length and Height, I laid out the key) Sketchup Pic: I...

Murphy Bed Wall Unit #4: "Side Job Delay" Murphy Bed Soon!

Just an update on my side job! My partner and I finally got the job rolling on Sat. the 19th after narrowing down the details with the designers from NY. We split the wall units into 2 halves for easier delivery and set up. I’m just going to...

Murphy Bed Wall Unit #3: Small Delay

Got a rush job to build Approx. 45’ of painted display cases for a convention in New York. I only have 2 weeks to get it done. The units will all be painted white. The color is just to show the sections. (Drawing is from the designer.) Will...