Hi All
I'm glad to have found this website, I'm always looking for new ideas. I have been working wood since 1990 as a hobbyist. I design and build a wide variety of woodworking projects. In addition I host a website where I sell my designs as well as give away some for free.

As a real paying job I'm a training officer with our local fire department and after 30 years of service I'm getting very close to retiring and having more time for woodworking.

I hope to meet and share ideas with everyone as time goes on.

-- WC (Bruce)

Canadian Maple leaf

I made this bandsaw box a little while ago in the shape of our flag’s maple leaf. The body was made from maple and the drawer pull was carved ebony. Fun little project!

Swivel Clamp Rack

Swivel Clamp Rack Wall space is always at a premium in even the largest shops so the less room you have to occupy to accomplish your clamp storage issues the better. This clamp rack is meant to be wall mounted, high enough to accommodate your...