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Sep 2014    Devon, England

I make decorative wooden boxes. Highly decorative wooden boxes. I also make other things though; wall art, the occasional piece of furniture, jigs etc.

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Box FV #2: Work in progress

Sides and legs made. Sides are 5 × 1 mm alternating Purpleheart and Pau Amarello, bent on an 87.5 to 92.5 mm radius. Legs are 3 mm thick Pau Amarello, with mitre outside edges. The three holes in each leg are for dowels into the mitre on the...

Box FV #1: Work in progress

I’m working on a new box This is the CAD design, as far as it goes. I’m not sure about the lid. I’ve started by building the bottom half (sides and legs) whilst I ponder on what to top it with.



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