Carvings by Levi

I do many different chainsaw carvings and woodworking projects as well as pencil drawings. Its a hobby but i do customer work as well. I post all my projects and get contacted on my facebook page "carvings by levi".

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logging trailer #3: tear down progress

So Got a chance to rip into today. Got metal floor off and keeping it off. Could only register this trailer for 9,999 lbs. The metal floor and the tongue and grove wood floor underneath promoted rot big time. I could space boards underneath...

carving space and homemade setup #2: homemade log carving equipment

Started the day making the upright log holder. The blocks move and straps hold the log against block so when im carving the log dont turn and tip. I tried it with this log and seemed like itll work good but i will test it better when i...

carving space and homemade setup #1: carving space intro

So ive been looking online to find a good set up for chainsaw carving area. Ive had no luck so im going to get creative and share anything i come up with. Speaking of intros, youve seen this little guy pretend carving a stump with a toy...

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Steve Tow ...

You do some awesome work!
I too like many mediums, and hate to limit myself, but there comes a point where I have to take one direction for
Awhile, I definitely get more done that way, lol I went to college to be an Art
Teacher, but veered into Auto Body to
Get into airbrushing, then ended up
In Auto Parts and Paint, where I’ve been the manager of an Auto Paint and Body Supply store in St Cloud mn the last 10 years, where I sell airbrush paint and supplies, lol, one never knows where life takes one!
Lol, take care!