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I'm a HVAC technician during the day and woodworker at night.... I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids!! Most man caves are filled with T.V.'s and recliners.... Mine is filled with tools and sawdust!! I started woodworking a year ago and it has taught me patience among other things. I love to build and create. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment....


Dusty1 — Has anyone ever used Grizzly Pneaumatic nailers and staplers before? If so,...

Preparing for Spring

Dusty1 — Warm weather isn’t to far away so I’m getting a head start. Me and and my 7...

Waiting for Spring

Dusty1 — Cant wait til spring to start hitting antique sales and flea markets in...

Yours too! lol Right now its filled with tools wood and “I don’t know, just put in the garage” stuff! Every spring I take a nice day, haul everything out, sweep, hose the floor and rearrange everything. Its a full days job. I live in Niagara Falls Ont. so the winter mos. get pretty cold to do anything out there.


Welcome- Shops filled with wood and tools is something we all can Relate to.

Yes sir indeed, lol