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Apr 2014    Prairieville, Louisiana    Website

I lived there all my life... until August 29th., 2005 when hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed the home where my wife and I lived for many years. We moved to another home in Prairieville, La., where I built my new studio workshop and stared replacing my lifetime accumulation of woodworking tools.
Woodworking has been fun and enjoyable for me since I was a little kid.
I have always been fascinated with the beauty of wood and its tremendous varieties, colors, grain patterns, textures and finishing capabilities. Wood can be shaped, cut, sculpted, carved and molded into a countless number of designs only limited by a person’s imagination and creativeness



grizzman ...

hey there greg, how about this new site, how do you like it, are you going to use both web sites…

Greg ...

hello Bob…this site looks good and I plan to use it in addition to Lumberjocks. It is nice that it is in its early stages and I would imagine that many members of Lumberjocks will join also. Good competition always keeps fresh ideas flowing