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Ex-National Park Service Ranger
Ex-Middle School Science Teacher
Ex-Middle and High School Principal
Ex-Hangglider Pilot (best Flt. 14,000ft high w/O2 and 50mi.)
Current Biker (+27 years ass in the seat, NOT just from age I started))
Current Astronomer/Astro-Imager at Horizontal Heavens Observatory
*Discovered Howell-Crisp 1 Planetary Nebula
Current Amateur Woodworker
100% Disabled American Veteran

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Wood Shop Furniture #1: Planer Table/Cabinet

I’ve been WW-ing almost 4- years and my first project was building infeed/outfeed ramps for my lunchbox planer. I built it on a 1/2 sheet of 3/4 ply, on the ground. It works great, however it has gotten really old having to get down on these...



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