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Apr 2014    Melrose, Florida

I'm an aerospace stress engineer.

My interests include:
General woodworking
Clock making/repair
Making Kentucky rifles

I have a well equipped clock shop but my woodworking is confined to the laundry room or car port.

My woodworking tools:
A growing assortment of old and new hand tools
Shopsmith converted to 520 with a Power Pro
Jet midi lathe
Craftsman table saw
Hegner scroll saw

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A favorite tool?

It would be difficult to choose a favorite tool. Although these days if you ask my wife she would say I am obsessed with lathes. Of course it is all nonsense, admittedly I do have one or two of these machines. While you can turn wood on a lathe...

A few hand tools......

My interests involve working both metal and wood. Unfortunately, my woodworking space is in the laundry room. Currently a disaster due to the shop reorganization caused by the purchase of another lathe (and its 9 foot long bench) last December....

Collet chuck comparison with good news for Shopsmith owners.

Collets or collet chucks are an excellent way to hold small pieces and with good tools the work can be removed from the collet and reinstalled with little loss of concentricity. The split wire chuck was developed by US watch manufactures in the...