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twin bed project

Hello, I had mentioned a while back that I’m working on a solid cherry pedastal bed. Lots of folks seemed interested in the project, so I thought I’d post a few progress pics. :-) That’s the headboard parts dry fit together. All the mortise...

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I just had to explain to a non-woodworker why this was a bad idea. I really hope he got my text before turning that death machine on

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very old plane knob and tote

Hey everyone, Today’s project is restoring a very old Craftsman number 7 jointer plane to service. It has a corrugated sole. I’m given to understand that the corrugated sole was a thing that came and went before WWII. So I’m guessing the plane...

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*sigh* sharpening

Hello all, Well, this morning I find myself procrastinating about heading out to the shop. I have to join 6 boards together to make a panel. I don’t have a jointer, mostly because I couldn’t jam another machine into my tiny shop if I wanted to....

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Woo hoo!

I just found out that my latest funeral urn that I made for the Garden of Innocence is going to be displayed at a funeral directors convention in San Francisco. I’m pretty happy about that. It’s not an art gallery or anything, but the recognition...

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A question of payment

Hey everyone, I have had an issue come up. I was commissioned to build a keepsake box. The lady who asked for it is an old friend from Ohio that I’ve known since Junior High. I built the box, this box to be specific: "": ...

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marine wood finish

So, what’s the best natural looking wood finish for marine use?

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companionway hatch for a boat

Hello all, I have been asked to build a companionway hatch. It’s a fancy name for the door to the stairs to the below deck spaces on a boat. It’s sort of like an accordion fold door in two pieces. In any case, the obvious construction method is...

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Oh yeah.

No more problems with the project being too big to fit, ot the machine being too weak to turn a big forstner bit :-)

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table saw blade flex

Hey, I’ve been noticing that when I’m cutting 45 degree beveled cuts on my table saw for glued miter joints that in the last few inches of the cut my table saw blade seems to be flexing a bit creating a concave surface on the beveled face of the...