Recently retired from 4 decades of domestic and international travel - having lived overseas most of my career. I'm continuing my professional life within narrowly-defined consulting roles

I'm actively working at becoming a competent woodworker; and the majority of my work is sculpted furniture. I make amateurish mistakes, which costs me considerable time and frustration - it takes me a considerable amount of time to do relatively straight-forward things.

My shop includes: Hammer N4400 bandsaw; Festool Domino 500; Felder K700S 9' slider table saw; Felder AD951 Jointer/Planer, Oliver Oscillating Spindle Sander; and, an Incra-based router table. Hand power tools are primarily Bosch; though moving more toward Fein/Festool.


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Half-way Done

A bit of a rant… about woodworking, but moreso about the mid-project crisis. I’m in Grid-Lock about moving forward; or taking some time away from this project (I’ve already shelved the project once, for a special-request project). I’ve...

Pricing Requested Work

I’ve completed enough projects to where friends are asking for specific work. Many of these have been relatively straight-forward case-work – blanket chests and book cases. About two years ago I completed a Jatoba-based outdoor bench and a...

Helping Amateurs Cultivate Professional Habits

I admit that I’m an amateur – I make a lot of mistakes – the same mistakes, and new ones as I try to advance my skills. So, what is it that defines me? Some Observations; and some of these have been fixed along the way…: I don’t work from a set...



David L. Whitehurst ...

I lived in Churchton, north of Deale Maryland for a while. Have you ever been to Calvert Cliffs to hunt for sharks teeth? I went once and didn’t find a thing. The Chesapeake Bay is getting ruined by runoff and people. I grew up on the York River in Virginia. My dad built boats. The woodworking thing is fun. I’m like you. I’ve only made some nice things within the last year. I’ve made tons of wood things, but I used drills, screws, countersinks, and plugs. And, most were pine. I’m focusing on learning this year to make furniture.

MJCD ...


Thanks for the note. I’m north of Annapolis, getting my wood from Exotic Lumber just west of the Bay Bridge. We’ve been here for 14 years, using BWI as the jumping-off point in my travelling days.
As a comment, I found the biggest change for me was getting precision layout tools (Incra, Woodpeckers, Mitutoyo calipers), and religiously working their details; also, forcing myself to learn Sketchup, to get the measurements worked-out ahead of time. One huge result was to slow-down, and get it right.