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May 2014    Houston Texas via Denmark.

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Shop time.

Living in Houston TX. I find myself using a lot of time on tools. High humidity with salt in it is not good for tools. I have not timed my tool time vs. shoptime, but guess I spend about 15% of my time on tools. Shop cleanup is shop time to...

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We have this Box thing going on, but not much going on. Madts. Brian. Papadan. David E. Moment. I have my box ready to go. I would like to see this thing get off the launch pad. Send me your ideas to get this going and I will try to...

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Found wood.

I have a friend that lives in south Texas and he has a farm. His farm has Horses, Cattle, cats and Dogs. Also trees that suffered from the drought 2 years ago. when we walk through the acreage we find wood from dead trees. Taking them...

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Metric vs imperial

I wish that manufactures would indicate what threads are use in their products. Many times a nut or bolt is lost and trying to find a match can be a pain in the ass getting the right one. I even have some tools that have both. Also fine and...

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It is 9pm and the temp in my workshop/garage is 87 F. and the inside of the house is 72F. Where would you rather be?

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Tape measures.

Does anybody on this site know of a good 25’ tape measure? I have: 1 Lufkin 25. Blade kinks and does not role in and out properly. 2 No name. Better but still works. 3 Stanley Tylon. Junk. Blade is kinked all over the place. 4 Stanley...

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Teds Back.

From what I have heard through other sites, this guy is not on the up and up. Be careful. Emptor caveat —Madts.

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Does anybody have a good idea for removing glue from the clamps after a glue-up? I am always onto the next process, and forget it. —Madts.

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Delta vent

The other day I bought one of these: DELTA 50-345 Universal Mobile Base (Wood Not Included) total of $75 inc tax. It shows up 2 days later. All is well. This weekend I put it together and lo-and-behold the kit is missing 3 bolts and one...

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The price of things.

One of my big hero’s died two years ago. His name was Dick Newick. He was famous for his designs of sail boats with more than one hull. He designed boats that were light, fast and expensive. Now Dick would always tell his customers, that they...

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Stocking stuffer

Saw this somewhere and thought it a good idea for a stocking stuffer. I have yet to make one. Madts.

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Sinus operation

Guys: I got my head operated on today. It has been determined that I am a dirty old man and the only cure was to operate. They will take out all impure thoughts, and do stuff to my sinuses so that I will not be prone to heavy breathing. Also...

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I have a problem.

I have a problem: I belong to a few sites like this and manage to get some friends. I get to know them, maybe not personally, but as a cyberfriend. Then one day no more. The cyber waves go dead. WTF. Did the person die, did he/she decide to...

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I see that a new heading is now up there. It is called STORE, right next to FORUMS. What is the scoop. I am sure that the website gets a percentage of the sales, which is fine by me. I use Amazon smile for my purchases, of which 1% goes to...

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All, I am trying to post a forum post with pictures, and I get a “Pictures cannot be blank” ???

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I just got some new/very old planes. I need to some major rust removal. Any good ideas?

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I wish everybody a very nice Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday in the states, as it brings together a wide variety of guest, not just family. Just family is not a bad thing either. Now go get stuffed;) I hope to be posting more in...

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Jack Irish by Peter Temple.

I have been reading some of the Jack Irish books over the summer. These are about a hard core detective from Melbourne Australia. Each book has 4 themes going through them. 1) The main plot. 2) Horse racing. 3) His girl-friend at the time, and...

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I added my vanity with the tag word “curves” and see that it is not listed in the 12 entry’s. How does the system work?