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I know we all work differently and often our work flow is based on different priorities. I thought it might be interesting to compare notes just for fun. While there must be certain logical ways to operate as a professional for the sake of...

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Western Norway on a blustery day.

We had a visit from my wife’s American 2nd cousin and his wife for a couple of days. We showed them around our part of the country (the west coast of Norway) and we saw a couple of things I thought you might enjoy. Our first stop was Egersund,...

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Inkscape for marquetry drawings

Paul and Roger Just to continue our discussion about computer programs for making marquetry designs. I downloaded Inkscape and have been fooling around with it a little. One nice surprise was when I used the bitmap option. I wanted to see if...

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Waster material for marquetry packets

The tar paper that looked so promising (shown below) and was the right thickness did not work out as well as I had hoped. I made a 5 layer test packet without veneers and found that it gooed up my blade, so onto plan B. I finally was able to...

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Painting with wood method or alternatively patches packet

My next marquetry project will be using the painting in wood method (patch packet). It’s relatively large and I don’t want to use veneer as wasters for each layer as I’m trying to save on my limited supply of veneers. It hasn’t been easy to find ...

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This pretty much sums me up

I love all forms of woodworking and I practice as many as I can. I have yet to master any of them and I don’t expect to either. I enjoy using both hand tools and power tools and I’m not against computer controlled tools though I don’t have any....