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Split head Hammer

I bought my business 25 years ago and in the basement there was a very nice split head hammer. Having said that, I have no idea what it is meant for. Can someone shed some light on what I should do with it?

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Saw Stop Fence

I have had a PCS 52" 3hp Saw stop for almost 4 years now. I recently helped a guy put his new powermatic together….while it does not have the saftey benefits, I must say, the fence and miter guage are truly superior to Saw Stop. I heard...

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Add a Table Top Drill Press?

For some reason I have been looking at adding a table top DP. Keep in mind I have a very nice, but older Craftsman DP that was my second woodworking tool, 30+ years ago. It works well but is in the corner of my shop and sometimes has stuff in...

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New Delta Saws

As I have stated before, I have some Delta standing and table top tools, so what I felt was the decline of the company was disturbing. It was both from my personal need for parts and from the needs of woodworkers as a whole, from what I thought...

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One Way Wolverine Dressing Jig

I have had some issue with my grinding stones getting out of round. I have tryed the diamond dressing tool that came with the grinder, even to the point where I vise gripped it down to the wolverine flat 4×4″ surface….it still is out of round. ...