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Small Bookshelf Speakers #3: Sanding sanding and more sanding

The bases for there speaking are taking a long time to get just right. But they are coming along well. I have to change the plan on these a little as the original design didn’t account for the speaker edge depth.

Small Bookshelf Speakers #2: Skipping forward

well I managed to get quite alot done on this these little beauties. Finished all the round overs, sealed, primed and filled any bad areas. and then began the process of filler primer and wet sanding. I am finally at the colour stage for the...

Small Bookshelf Speakers #1: The beginning, small speakers

I need a set of speakers for my computer, the ones built into the monitor are terrible and I don’t like always wearing headphones. So, with another set of the little 4" speakers I had, I got to work. The main enclosures are made from 5/8" MDF and...