Small Bookshelf Speakers #3: Sanding sanding and more sanding

The bases for there speaking are taking a long time to get just right. But they are coming along well. I have to change the plan on these a little as the original design didn’t account for the speaker edge depth.

Small Bookshelf Speakers #2: Skipping forward

well I managed to get quite alot done on this these little beauties. Finished all the round overs, sealed, primed and filled any bad areas. and then began the process of filler primer and wet sanding. I am finally at the colour stage for the...

Small Bookshelf Speakers #1: The beginning, small speakers

I need a set of speakers for my computer, the ones built into the monitor are terrible and I don’t like always wearing headphones. So, with another set of the little 4" speakers I had, I got to work. The main enclosures are made from 5/8" MDF and...

Member of the week, YAY!

That’s very cool! Thanks for the recognition. Some bigger projects coming down the pipe and a few fun small ones.

Rough TV Stand #3: All done in Time for father day

Had to set this project aside for a while, but got back in it to get it done for this weekend. Came out pretty good I think.

Quad Bluetooth Stereo #5: And it's complete

Took a long time to get back onto this project. Finally complete and and it gets plenty loud and looks good doing it.

Rough TV Stand #2: Yay warm weather!

Been waiting for a nice stretch of weather and finally got it. I can’t/don’t want to bring pieces into the house to stain/poly with little kids around. Got the top and sides stained and 2 coats of poly on (planning on 2 more) and primed the...

Quad Bluetooth Stereo #4: Front faces complete

Finally got some time aka. It was warm enough to work in the garage. But for the front faces complete and this morning I installed the 4 speakers. I am going to wire them up tonight to the amp and test it out. I might need to play with the port...

Rough TV Stand #1: TV Stand....here goes nothing.

My parents have gotten a new place (Restoring a church into a home) and need a new TV stand that fits the feel of the place. I am building a pretty basic stand with 2 drawers, main shelf for the TV and a secondary shelf for electronics. The...

Quad Bluetooth Stereo #3: A little more progress

Well, I wanted to try a new (to me) joinery technique ie: A miter lock bit for my router table. It took some time to create an auxiliary fence and get the bit dialed in. in all it worked ok. I have ordered a lock miter setup gauge for it that...