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Retired: Spent most of my working life with Defence or Defence related projects.

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Birthdays #2: Birthdays

Could be somebody we all know is having a birthday tomorrow 7 Apr 2018 James Bonds Car is the clue ! …(again) … I couldnt think of a another one just now.

LHCD #3: Panel glue up and progress to dry full assembly

Another part day getting the Panel Door to a completed dry assembly stage. It began with an overnight glue up of the panels, but first up a bit on the rails. I forgot to metion how I made them, so, a quick burst, made on the bandsaw using yet...

LHCD #2: Day 2 work Jigging about and Profiling

Well almost a day, it was so windy here AM I thought somebody had redirected Irma my way. A very sad state of affairs in Florida and surrounding damage path I must say. Anyway about mid morning I decided to continue on spent about 5 hours...