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Outdoor Furniture Clear Finish of Choice?

Howdy, All!!! Shin here. Been a while, as I’ve been wrapped up on converting the motorcycle to a trike. Bum ankle, so the wife and I want something that I can’t let fall over. :-) We’ve also been clearing a bunch of brush, as we’ve applied...

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Gift from Norway

A bit back I posted picks of some miniature Bluebird houses. Mike40 contacted me, in that he was motivated to turn some small birdhouses on the lathe. He’s done some larger bird houses and did one up, similar to those. Well, I commented that...

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Porter Cable 5" Random Orbit Sander

Been wanting an electric orbital sander for a while, as I’ve been using my air powered auto body sander for years now. Has done a good job, but the small compressor, in the hangar, runs and runs. Figured I’ve spent as much on electricity as...

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Bird's Eye Pine/Knotty Pine/Pecky Pine: I'm Confused.

Recently I posted picks of the Wedding Card/Keep Sake box I made for a young couple. I made the box from Birds’ Eye/Knotty Pine that I found at Lowes, or Home Depot, earlier...

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Lazer Cutter/Engraver/Carver?

Searched Lazer in the forums search, and it brought up a ton of stuff, even my post about vacuum clamping, which had nothing in it about lazers. Hmmmm. :-/ So, with that, I’m posting new. Who’s using a Laser Cutter/Engraver/Carver? If you...

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Reclaimed Lumber, Termites Included

Scored some great old wood over the weekend, or so I thought. Bought some at a resale shop and picked some up from a late aunt’s house, where the old garage/shed was knocked over. I tried to pick good wood, but found that two of my pieces have...

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Finishing Helpers: Jigs, Fixtures, Stands, Etc.

Howdy all! Painting auto parts is easy; hang them from the rack, set them on the fender stand, etc.; but wooden projects don’t lend themselves to such ease. With that, I’d be interested in seeing others’ finishing helpers. Anyone using Lazy...

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Shots in the Shop

Snapped some pics today. Goings on, and stuff in the “Wood Shop.” Hope others will add some. Keith “Shin” Schindler The South Central Texas Wood Butcher “The Corner” This is where 90% of the work gets done. Table saw, router table, dust...

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Vacuum Clamped Router Jig

I’ve been aware of vacuum clamping, and vacuum router jigs, for some time, and finally put one together. I came up with a cross design, some time back, that I wanted to be able to cut, without having to scroll saw accurately and that I could lap...

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Vacuum Clamping

So, I’ve heard of, and read about, vacuum clamping, so I figured I’d give it a try. I’m working on a router jig for the second cross design and really don’t want to make clamps, or buy a pattern bit with the ball bearing below the cutter instead...

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DIY Surfacing Sander?

When I taught shop, we had a Thickness Sander, that was awesome. Can’t afford to buy one, so I’d like to build one, similar to the photo. Anybody built their own Thickness Sander?

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What's Your Favorite Power Tool?

So, what’s your favorite power tool? Mine, the router. It’s SO versatile. My second favorite tool? The drill. If I could have only two power tools, they would be the router and the drill. How about y’all? Happy Wooding!

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Howdy from South Central Texas

Howdy from South Central Texas! Been in, and out, of woodworking since 1983. I’m a former shop teacher (and school counselor) and taught wood for years, until 1997, as well as doing personal projects, and some production and commission work. ...