I currently own and opperate Snyder's Woodworking LLC since1993.I design and build customcabinetry,carpentry,furniture and millwork.
Historical restorations are a specialty.

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Steve66 woodshoptour

I built the shop in 1998 and I have been making upgrades ever since.The shop never gets too terribly hot in the summer because the stone building is a little below grade and I can open the garage door for breeze.The wood floor is really nice on...



Martin Sojka ...

Congrats to 100 posts, Steve.

Thorreain ...

Yes congrats Steve! Your work is of the highest caliper, pro or amature, thanks for showing us your masterpieces.

Steve66 ...

Thanks Martin on such a great place to visit friends.
And Thorreain, thank you! You always make everyone feel at home here.