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Chichasaw, La

Hey my name is john smith I am from a small town located in northeast corner off la next to ar state line. I worked for a metal building company for 15 years as a draftsman (detailer / senior checker ) 8 of which I was drafting superior. From there I decided to make a change, my brother and I started our on erection company J And D construction of West Carroll, Inc. We have been in buissness for ourselfs now for 2 years and are rolling strong. All tho I work with steel and metal for a living, I have enjoyed wood work and had a passion for it since I was a youngster. My wife has recently developed a love for it as well which has turned out to be a very pleasant adventure for us and a good way to share some good time with each other on some amazing builds together as I show her the things I have learned over the last several years. I look forward to spending any more years learning teaching and working on projects with her and we might one day decided to venture out in to a business but that is yet to be seen.

-- John Smith (Woody)