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Jan 2015    Salt lake city, Utah

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Does anybody have experience with the ironwood brand jointer?…I’m considering buying one

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Rant... Dust collector

I bought a jet cyclone dust collector a couple months ago for my table saw, today I decided to check on the bag and sure enough it needed changed out, 60 gallon bag ¾ full. They’re is a barrel, a bag and a cage device inside the bag . 1- you...

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Power feeder

Best power feeder for a shaper, is there a better one? Brand? Number of wheels or track? Or all they just all the same?

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Do any of you create woodworking videos? Such as shop tours, instructional, or projects that you are working on?

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scm shaper

I am considering a new shaper for my shop, I can’t really find any videos on this particular shaper (SCM T55W Elite S). Has anyone have any experience with it, or experience with something similar, the two features I’m most curious about is the...

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festool domino

What is your opinion on the domino machine, is it a “must have?” is it worth the money?

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New toy…will see what happens with.

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Temps are starting to drop, time to get the old heater fired up. Anyone use a wood stove in the shop? What sorts of heat do you use?

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painting the floor

My shop neighbor is a machinist and he was painting his floor white, I thought it kinda weird at first and then decided that it was kinda neat. I am considering doing the same. Does this sound weird to anyone, painting the shop floor white?

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I’ve been using a 16" jet 4 post planer for about 8 years and have needed a bigger one for about 5 I’ll probably get something similar except a 20" I’ve got the jet sold and now I’ve got 1 week to get a replacement. Who makes the best one?