Comment Woodmaster tools


I do have a Woodmaster 4-in-1, just the 18" width. I purchased it used and it sits in my shop still not in working order. You are wise to heed the others’ advice!

The cover is very heavy and awkward so I use a ceiling hoist to remove it to work on it. (Each time you want to switch functions, you need to remove the cover.)

I still plan to fix it up so I can use it for planing wider glue-ups, but I have a SuperMax 25×2 drum sander so I would never use the sanding function. I might (some day) use the molder but I built a horizontal router table and it has sufficed for my molding projects thus far. As far as the gang saw is concerned, I’m not into mass production so I don’t see a use for it. (That’s what the previous owner seemed to use the most.)


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