18 Comments Japanese inspired jewel box for my daughter.

Michal Bulla ...

Wow, it looks great!

David E. ...

So cool! You’re a great dad. Those other things will come and go, but this she will have and cherish forever. Great job!

shipwright ...

That is a wonderful example of your typical “mafe” style Mads. It has you all over it and inside it and your daughter will feel your presence every time she opens it. You could have made no better gift.
Always, you make me smile.

lanwater ...

That’s a great gift Mafe. That will be her treasure for ever.

It’s amazing when it’s closed it seem like a small box but when open it has so much inside.
Nice touch on the round mirror.

Great work on that.

Madts ...

Mads, You did good on that one. As ugly as you are I am surprised that you have a daughter as beautiful as Mathilde. Hope to be back in Denmark in the fall. Maybe I will see you then.

MaFe ...

Hi guys,
Madts, I laughed so hard, that I almost dropped the laptop when I read your comment. I will be thrilled to see you in my workshop again.
Ian, yes I am also really pleased with that, it is like a world is opening up, step by step.
Shipwright, Paul, thanks, I am now singing ‘I did it my way’. I pray you are right and like the thought of one day when I am gone, she will sit there, old and with wrinkles being reminded of her father. ;-)
David, she is a good daughter, so I am also a lucky father.
MichalBulla, thanks from my heart.
Thank you guys for the kind comments, this is a proud and happy father speaking.
Best of my thoughts,

MsDebbieP ...

lucky daughter!!!
what a beautiful thought – -of her old and with wrinkles thinking of her father.

Madts ...

By the way, where did you order the bamboo nails from? I have been using bamboo grilling sticks about 3 mm. across. OK but not the greatest.

Martin Sojka ...

What an entrée, MaFe :) Welcome!

Richforever ...

Way to go, Daddy! Inspiring in more than one aspect.

Wolf (& Rabbit!) ...

Fabulous and, like others have said, that’s one gift that won’t become obsolete at the next release or the next fashion. She will own and love that forever. Great blog, btw. Very cool.

David L. Whitehurst ...

Very very nice! This is beautiful.

MaFe ...

Hi 3W’s,
Thank you for your kind words and the congrat from the site I just saw.
Debbie a smile for you.
Madts, I got them from Germany, but now I can only get beech… So guess I will also have to change horse.
Martin, thanks so good to be around you as always.
Rich, a proud daddy here thanks.
Wolf, I hope you are right. ;-)
David, smiles here.
Best thoughts,

Willie ...

Great box! A lot of storage in a small space. Something your daughter will cherish forever!

MaFe ...

Thank you Willie. she use it every day now, so I am a happy dad.
best thoughts,

a1jim ...



a1jim ...


a1jim ...


don’t ask how I did it :)

Very cool design,really nice work.