Desk for an RN graduate

Awhile back my niece graduated from nursing school as an RN. As a gift I produced this desk for her. It’s made of oak and uses Mortise and tenon joinery. I scrolled out the sides to match her new degree.
The drawer and keyboard drawer close flush with a flip down panel hiding the keyboard tray when closed.

Interesting story about the scroll work. I started it with an extremely old caste iron craftsman scroll saw I had that I called ‘thumper’ because of how it made a loud thumping sound when I used it. Soon after starting the scroll the thing broke to the point that it was not realistically repairable. So, I looked on Craigslist and found this. Almost new… and $75. Yup.. and nothing wrong with it. It was about 40 miles away. If you are familiar with this saw you know it sells for $500+.

End of story….

Woods: oak

Tools: jointer planer plane tablesaw router sander scroll saw

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Dan Gagner, Craftsman on the lake. The lake is calm, the wife is understanding, the wood is dry. What more is there...


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Shin ...

Beautiful table! Nice scroll saw. DeWalt, huh? Didn’t know DeWalt made a scroll saw.

Thorreain ...

Your niece will probably pass this down as an heirloom, very well done!

rentaman ...

Great work and a good buy. For Dewalt tools try their refurbished tools. I bought a refurbished 18v drill with battery and charger for 99.00 . Just go to their website.

a1jim ...

Wow Dan this is a fantastic desk.

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Desk for an RN graduate