Vase Urns

Well here is four more vase urns. 1 cherry, 2 Hard maple, and 1 spalted maple all in a different design. These urns hold a tube of the persons ash for keeping a bit of that person close to you. The tube that fits inside is 3" long by 3/4" diameter. I drill all the holes 4" deep this allows the tube to fit and the lid tenon to fit into the hole.

Woods: cherry hard maple spalted maple

Tools: table saw jointer wood glue pipe clamps miter saw wood lathe

Tags: vase urns cherry vase maple vase splated maple vase turned vase turned vase urns funeral urns death ash ash urns

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Shin ...

Beautiful! Nice idea.

Woodeewoman ...

Beautiful. I could use a few of these for my brother’s ashes.

Thorreain ...

Very beautiful turnings.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you for your comments. Very easy to turn however, my lathe will not allow me to put a drill chuck in the tail so i have to use the drill press and find it a little dangerous. Sometimes the forestner bit bits and it takes off spinning. I really love the spalted maple.

a1jim ...

Excellent turnings Jeff .very well done.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you a1jim

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