Flag Memorial Case with Urn Box

I created this memorial flag case with a urn box under it. As you can see it was for a customer last year. Made from cherry and has 6 coats of laquar & rubbed out to 1000 grit.

Woods: cherry

Tools: jointer thickness planner table saw drill press hand tools hand-held router wood glue clamps air compressor pinner 18 gauge nailer

Tags: memorial case flag case urn

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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Thorreain ...

Very nice.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

This one accually choked me up. When the lady picked it up she started crying because it was more than she was expecting.

a1jim ...

Wow if we all could give such a meaningful project to our customers. Very good looking Case/urn combo.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you. The lady and her brother actually came to pick it up and when she saw it she broke down and started crying. She said it was more than she ever could imagine. They were keeping the ashes in the house.

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Flag Memorial Case with Urn Box