Box Urn

Another urn i made.

Woods: red oak

Tools: jointer thickness planer table saw drill press hand tools wood glue clamps biscut joiner

Tags: box box urn urns wood urns funeral death

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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Thorreain ...

Another nice one.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you. Im actually going to be trying to expand into the pet world. Making brochures up with different styles of urns for all different size dogs. This gives a option for the owner that keeps their pets ashes. I know of none vets here that have this to offer. If i market this properly ill have lots of business.

a1jim ...

Nice build and creative marketing idea,I hope it worked out.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Well this urn is my brother-in-law’s I made it for his funeral. But my pet ones will be the same concept.

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Box Urn