American Girl Doll Wardrobe

Created this for a customer. It’s for a doll thats called American Girl. The doll stands 18" tall. So the clothing is somewhat big. She asked for a wardrobe rack to hang all the dolls clothing. Here is what i came up with. It also has a shoe rack.

Woods: birch plywood wooden dowel

Tools: bandsaw spindle sander clamps spring clamps drill press hand tools wood glue

Tags: kids doll accessories home decor wardrobe

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"


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Fengketool ...

find a good place to learn woodworking

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Excuse me? I quite don’t understand your comment Fengketool? I went with what the customer wanted. As learning woodworking I’ve been doing woodworking for three decades. And my work is quality! I’m sorry you don’t approve.

Thorreain ...

Well done, she will be very happy.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you Thorreain.

a1jim ...

Unique design well done

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thank you

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American Girl Doll Wardrobe