Vine Box

Wild vine from the woods.

Tools: bandsaw table saw planer hand tools



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Thorreain ...

Very beautiful box Steve.

nuttboxxx ...

Niiiice….that grain is beautiful

Brian ...

That’s a really nice project. What have you the idea to get a vine ?

Steve66 ...

A good friend walked into the shop one day with a vine he cut out of the woods and ask me to help him with a project.
I was thrilled!

lanwater ...

Very nice.
The grain is beautiful.
How difficult was it to resaw the vine?

David Roberts ...

The grain is fantastic! Gonna have to go and find some vines now! Being my luck though it will be poison ivy! The box looks great!

Steve66 ...

Not bad Ianwater, I have a fairly large bandsaw with a 1" resaw blade and I just kinda eyeballed it.Alot of waste and every piece was split down the middle which we glued back together.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. Great job. But in what woods grows vines that big. Ive never seen such big vines. At least in the woods of Wisconsin I’ve never seen anything like that.

Steve66 ...

Hey Jeff, when I lived up in Michigan they were no where to be found.But down here in semi tropical Maryland they are quite common.

a1jim ...

Super looking box and great grain.

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Vine Box