Oval Spider Web Window

Here are two Oval Spider Web Windows that have mirror in them 1 has regular mirror & the other has 2 way mirror in it. 1 was for a entrance the other was in side the entrance & died into the wall. The frames have 4 key stone blocks. Another one of my favorites

Woods: genuine mahogany

Tools: williams & hussy moulder shapper tennoner mortiser mitre saw bandsaw



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lanwater ...

Very nice!

David A Sylvester ...

The mirror still has glazing on it, Looks much better after its cleaned

Thorreain ...

Very nice!

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Nice. That looks like a complex build.

lanwater ...

It’s outstanding already.
you got me curious now. an you please post a picture after the cleanup?

Steve66 ...

Nice job!

Shin ...

Very nice. Never would have thought of something like that.

a1jim ...

These have some incredible joinery,fantastic build.

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Oval Spider Web Window