Triple Helix

Original Design: contemporary coffee table with cantilevered top from a triple helix central pillar.

Woods: blood wood poplar lauan mahogany birch plywood mdf block mottled makore veneer

Tools: 10" tablesaw biscut joiner belt sander random orbit sander jig saw router



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Brian ...

That’s very nice. How is the helix for bearing weight? It looks very dainty.

Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful design and work!

Xylonmetamorphoun ...

Thanks, Michal.

Brian, it’s fine for load bearing, but not too strong where torsional force is considered. Certainly not a table to have with toddlers in the house.

lanwater ...

Very nice design.

Thorreain ...

Very nice.

Xylonmetamorphoun ...

Thank you, gentlemen.

a1jim ...

Great design work and build.

Xylonmetamorphoun ...

Thanks, Jim.

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Triple Helix