Custom Fantasy Bedroom

Custom made for the grandchildren

Woods: maple maple plywood



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lanwater ...

Great job Steve!

The setup make the bedroom much bigger than it is. Probably the moldings.

The bathroom looks great too.

lightweightladylefty ...


With a fantasy bedroom like that it would be hard to get the grandkids to ever leave! What a fantastic job you have done. Is the mural painted? Did you do that too? Absolutely gorgeous!


Steve66 ...

Thanks, I think the ceiling height is around 10’ above the beds and where I am standing there is a spired roof framed overhead with the inside of it hand painted to resemble a hot air ballon.The rest of the room is a dinosaur motif. I really like the deep lit bookcases at the
head and side of the beds interior.

TonyCan ...

Amazing! the greatness of high ceilings.

Brian ...

Great job. That is awesome.

tommy ...

labor of love the end product looks fantastic well done Sir

Jeff Vandenberg ...

All I can say is my jaw dropped in Aw. Well done! Looks amazing!

Thorreain ...

Great work. They must absolutely love you for this. Awesome !

Steve66 ...

Got a big hug! Getting appreciated is huge.Many artisans workrd on this job.This is one of those once in a life time jobs.I have been in many lavish homes, but never one this nice that was brand new.I think the house is around 36 thousand square feet. It takes a full 10 mins. to walk from one end to the other.
Located in Hanover Pennsylvania.

a1jim ...

this is fit for royalty great built

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Custom Fantasy Bedroom