Dress Up Cart

Editor's Choice - Feb 27, 2015

Made this for our God daughter. Now she has a place for all her princess dresses. Her parents will eventually paint it.

Woods: baltic birch plywood maple dowel

Tools: table saw band saw router

Tags: dress up cart princess make believe pretend play


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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thats so cool. I bet she likes it a lot.

Mike Luft ...

David – great project. My daughter asked a couple of weeks ago for something very similar for our granddaughter who loves to dress up. Do you recall the general dimensions?


David E. ...

Mike – This particular one was 24" wide, 46" tall, and the sides were 11.75" wide. The one posted after this was 36" wide, but the other dimensions were the same.

Mike Luft ...

Thanks David. I’m pretty sure I’ll go wide based the number of princess costumes!

David E. ...

Awesome! I hope you share it with us when your finished. I’m sure she’ll love it!

a1jim ...

This is a great idea I’m sure you God daughter loved it.

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Dress Up Cart