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Editor's Choice - Mar 03, 2015

I am very grateful to have Yoga in my life. For the past 6 years I have been doing Iyengar Yoga and it has made a big difference in my health and my craft. So when I was asked by Alberta Yoga College if I could make backbenders, I jumped at the opportunity. Last week I got to work and started the build. Here are some pics of how it went.

Man the woodshop smelled great with the milling of the cedar.

My fantastic Akeda jig worked great on the pins and it has full dust collection hooked up thru a switch that runs my shop vac and street cone cyclone.

I made a jig to route the tails. This worked slick.

Then came Branding day. YeeHaw

I glued in 2" maple dowels on all 4 corners to ensure structural integrity.

Bandit came out to see how I did. He’s 18 and a half and still in good health. <3

And at last I delivered them and installed a rack for the storage room in the yoga studio.
Thanks for sharing your projects my woodworking friends as I enjoy reading and seeing what you are all building in the woodshops around the world.
Cheers and Namaste

Woods: western cedar

Tags: yoga

My Woodshop is my happy place😎


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Thorreain ...

Very well done, I love your joinery.

Brian ...

Nice work. Looks great. The street cone makes the the best, simplest and usually cheapest cyclone. I have mine mounted inside a paint bucket. It fits perfectly and can be beaten around without worrying about damaging anything.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Well done. They look great. Would like to know more about your Akeda jig and the other jig you made to route the tails.

Narinder Jugdev ...

Thank you very much guys. It is alway fun to build interesting and different items. The challenge is a great way to learn. @Jeff the Akeda jig is pretty nice to use.
They have info on
I bought it a few years ago when I built my kitchen and used it for the 40 drawers. And many more since then. I’ve heard that it has the best DC of all the jigs out there and it allows me to make interesting and odd spaced dovetails. As for the other jig I made, it is just a piece of 3/8" MDF with a precise notch in it and I used the guide bushing and bit from the Akeda jig. Cheers

a1jim ...

A totally unique project,great job.

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Yoga props