Butter Knot Box

This is the last of the four boxes that I built over the previous several weeks.

When I made my second glass ball coffee table I purchased some butternut to use for the legs and the lower shelf.

The remaining butternut had a knot hole in it and parts of it were a bit wormy. This portion was not suitable for the table, but could be used for some boxes. Rather than discard the portion of the board with the knot hole I used it for the top lift.

The box measure about 12” x 8” x 5.25”. It is trimmed walnut and finished with shellac, rubbed out with steel wool and then waxed.

Woods: butternut walnut

Tags: box butternut


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Brian ...


Steve66 ...

Very nice!

Thorreain ...

Very beautiful.

Shin ...

Butter Nut? Hadn’t seen anything made from it before. Beautiful work! I love the knots in the front edges. What hinges did you use? I’ve got some boxes to make and like the way yours hold the lid open. Gonna have to check out more of your work, for sure.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very nice

mike1950 ...

Nice box.

a1jim ...

Cool wood,super build,great design.

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Butter Knot Box