Tetris Bookshelves

My daughter asked if I could make her a set of shelves that looked like Tetris pieces.

Woods: white pine

Tools: table saw sliding compound saw brad nailer biscut joiner

Tags: shelf shelving unit

Joe Fiore


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Dave ...

That’s really neat, I like it!

lanwater ...

I like the name.

Well done.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Nice idea , looks good

Brian ...

I love it.

Joe ...

Got my daughter to send me a pic of the finished project. Noticed that she hung one so as to appear like it was dropping into place, just like the game.

Thorreain ...

That’s a great set of shelves, wonderful work.

Scott ...

very nicely done. How did your daughter hang that lone piece?

Joe ...

Thank you all for appreciating my work. Scott, I just texted her to see how she hung it. I will let you know when she gets back to me.

Joe ...

Scott, She said she used a pair of corner braces to hang it.

a1jim ...

Hey Joe those are some wild bookcases ,great job

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Tetris Bookshelves