Dolphin Beer Pong Table

A friend asked if I could build him a Miami Dolphin themed beer pong table for his tailgating gang. They are enjoying IT more then they’re enjoying their Dolphins.

Woods: plywood 2x4 stock

Tools: table saw miter saw orbital sander brad nailer paint

Joe Fiore


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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. So how did you do the dolphin logo. Can you tell us more about it?

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

Being a Browns fan I can’t comment . No , seriously nice job.

Joe ...

Sure Jeff. First, I did a google search for a large sized Dolphin logo. Found the one I wanted and downloaded it. I sized it in a graphics program and printed it out. After prepping and painting the tabletop white, I centered the logo and traced it using carbon paper. Then it was just a matter of hand painting like the old “paint by numbers” pages we did as kids. All the paints are acrylics I got at Michael’s crafts. Had to mix a few to get the shades I wanted, but it worked.

Thorreain ...

Great job creating the logo, excellent table.

Joe ...

Thank you guys..

a1jim ...

So cool great job Joe.

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Dolphin Beer Pong Table