Some more kitchen accessories

Breadbox is Oak, and a nice addition. The round box is for salt and pepper at a friends cooking station, Hickory and Purple Heart, with their LOGO carved on top.

Being retired is way harder than you think! ;0).


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Michal Bulla ...

Amazing carving skills! How big is the first bread with rolling pin?

Jeff Vandenberg ...

So cool nicely done

Keith Hodges ...

It’s about 5″ × 5″

Keith Hodges ...

I can make it any size Up to 24″ × 24″.

Thorreain ...

More beautiful cnc work, great imagination Keith.

Keith Hodges ...

This was one of the easy ones. It’s a 3D file I purchased from Vectorart3D

a1jim ...

Very creative,super neat carvings

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Some more kitchen accessories