Wood and Corian carvings

The first is a desk name plaque, Rosewood and Corian, lettering done with acrillic paint. Dragon head, Boxers and boot pull carved on Hickory.

Being retired is way harder than you think! ;0).


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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Hey those look great! Love the sign! The dogs are cool to. The that name Bocephus is so cool. Nicly done

Keith Hodges ...

Thanks Jeff. The creative part of CNC’s is the fun part. The artistic part is all CNC, but coming up with different ideas and watching them develope into the final product is so cool. Plus the reaction I get from the recepiants is worth a million.

Thorreain ...

Such professional looking pieces. You certainly use the cnc to its full potential. The greatest skill of all is your artistry in coming up with things, fantastic. The dragon head is my favourite so far, great work Keith.

Keith Hodges ...

Thanks Thorreain, it’s the best toy I’ve ever owned.

a1jim ...

Your CNC works great on lots of materials,very nice work Keith.

Keith Hodges ...

Wood, acrylic, Corian and other plastic, solf metal, granite to date. The hard material I use a diamond engraving bit. The router is basically a bit holder, with it turned off. It mearly scratches the surface.

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Wood and Corian carvings