The Tale of Two Old Teacher's Desk

Editor's Choice - Mar 23, 2015

I got these desk for just hauling them off.
Both had a leg broken off, drawer slides had to be re installed & one was pretty beat up.
Got all the drawers working, cut off all of the legs, attached 3/4 plywood to the bottoms. I used 8" casters on one & made it about 1/4" lower than my table saw.
I used 3" casters on the other one & made it into a sanding station.
The oscillating spindle sander is about 1/4" higher that belt sander.
I found the light in the dumpster that is on the sanding station, it was brand new , one of the wires had broke loose from the socket.
By making a bottom on the desk it created shelves.
When ripping sheet material it is supported by the one, I also use that for my Kreg pocket hole station.
I try to make as much mobil as possible.
I’m ready for a new table saw, but that’s another story.

Woods: 3/4" plywood 8"casters 3"casters

Tools: table saw drill impact driver

Tags: reclaimed workstation



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lanwater ...

It looks like they had years of service.
Nice to save. My brain took me years back to being a student again with the teach at the desk:)

Jay ...

I agree, it’s nice to have old things around that bring back good memories.
I need to get over to your post & look at your creations again, I like what I see.

Thorreain ...

Excellent use of both desks. Great out feed table, and the sanding station that is mobile is fantastic.

Jay ...

Thanks, I enjoy using it.
I want to build a companion table for it with a downdraft top

John Caddell ...

Necessity is the mother of invention, good job.

Jay ...

Thanks John, you are so right !!

a1jim ...

Very innovative,well done.

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The Tale of Two Old Teacher's Desk