Planes,Planes and Planes

I have always wanted to make my own planes, and now I have. I started with a small block plane.
Since then I learned quite a bit. Now I have a set to use in the work shop.
The big one is 49 cm. Next is 23 cm. and the baby is 14 cm. long.

The Set

The set




Woods: maple walnut

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.


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Thorreain ...

Beautiful set. Beautiful pics. Great job, you must love them, you should be proud.

Brian ...

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what are the perpendicular dowels for? Are they just handles or do they serve some other purpose? They look fantastic, by the way.

Brian ...

Another quick question – is there any “sticky” surface on the wedge to help hold the blade in place?

Madts ...

Brian: The dowels are the traditional way the Japanese planes are made. Only being use to the standard planes I tried this style. LO and Behold I like it. You should try it. Pulling is the way to go.
The wedge is oiled, 3 coats, and then waxed. The only thing that holds the blade in place is the pressure the wedge excerpts.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very cool. Ive never thought of doing this. But I see more woodworkers doing this. Im suspecting it must be the cost of the new planes. Did you get plans from somewhere? Where did you get the blade irons?

shipwright ...


Brian ...

I’ve seen small replacement blades at home depot.

lanwater ...

Nice set of planes Madts.

Planes have been on my to do list. I have a couple irons…

Madts ...

Jeff: Plans come from the blade size. Using 45 deg. as a basis for the blade angle, the design comes together right in the shop. As for the blades, shop around. I bought a frankenstein plane on Ebay for 8$ and it had an antic blade in it worth at least $25.00.

shipwright ...

My planes all have blades from Hock Tools. They may seem expensive but they are really excellent blades. I love them and have never heard anyone complain about them.

a1jim ...

Another great plane Mads ,great job.

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Planes,Planes and Planes