My pencil box

Editor's Choice - Apr 02, 2015

I got tired of pencils that are scattered. :)

Size: 35×21 cm (13,78×8,27 inch)
Veneer: Mahogany
Surface treatment: Nut oil.

This is my blog, how can I made it:

Woods: mahogany veneer pine walnut veneer

Tags: pen box inlay marquetry


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lanwater ...

That’s a nice way to keep them organized.
You can’t miss them either with a top like that.

Did you cut the pencil with a knife?

MsDebbieP ...

this is awesome!!
love it… wish I had one.

Andulino ...

Thank you Lanwater :) Yes I cut whit my knife, here is the picture:

Andulino ...

Thank you so much dear MsDebbieP! :)

lanwater ...

You are very talented.

What blade number is this one? I tried #11 for my first time and I feel it’s too long.

Mike40 ...

Beautiful work on the Andulino. The very well done marquetry really sets it off.

Andulino ...

Thank you Lanwater! :) I’m so glad This knife is 6mm but my hand is very small and it is convenient! :)

Andulino ...

Thank you so much Mike 40 :)

a1jim ...

Fantastic work Andulino,a very useful and attractive build.

CharleeAnn ...


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