Pencil Cup

Just messing around in the shop made from old reclaimed 4 by 4 .

This was done without a wood lathe.

Woods: cedar

Tools: router table drill press sanders

Tags: cedar


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Brian ...

OK now you got me wondering. How did you do it if not with a lathe?

Chris Tasa ...

Large round over bit in the router table and bench top belt sander to rough it out.

then clamp piece to work bench and hand sanded like polishing your shoes.

then smaller round ouver bit in the router table to round edges.
finally 2 in forner bit in drill press to hollow it out.
thn just finis hand sanding and natual wood stain and spray varithane to finish

Brian ...

Haha. That’s a great idea.

a1jim ...

Good thinking,this is too nice just for pencils .

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Pencil Cup