I Have More Than One Screw Loose

I started buying these nifty little storage units & screwing them to the wall. I can remove the bins & take them to the work table.
I ran out of wall space because I ended up with 144 small units & 80 large ones.
All materials were scrap or salvaged.
The metal shelves were discarded from a department store.
The base is 3/4 plywood screwed to 2×6 lumber then bolted to the 8" casters.
Each unit is 3/4 plywood screwed to 2×6 lumber. The 2×6′s help protect the plastic bins.
The top is 1/2 plywood & 2" angle iron.
What can I say, I save parts !!
They come in handy when repairing or creating .

Woods: plywood 2x6

Tools: table saw drill impact driver

Tags: storage cabinet



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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Oh heck yeah, now thats a cool cart. Boy you sure have more than i do. Lol but I’ll tell you what i bet it is sure nice to find what your looking for instead of running to the store. I try to save every nut, bolt and screw i find.

TonyCan ...

Very nice setup, come in handy i am sure.

lanwater ...

If I had the space I would follow in your foot step.

Great idea.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

mine are all on the wall , wish they were portable like that . But I do have a roll around art , I go around and get everything I think I will need and the go to project.

Brian ...

I’m with Ian. I would love to have something like this but no room. My screw drawer is a disorganized mess. I may do a tiny version of this for the wall, though. Great idea and nice salvage finds.

Ancellwoodworks ...

I like the way it protects the drawers. Nice job! I’m like the others wish I had the floor space, but don’t have mine on the walls behind my work bench. Repurposing is so much fun.

Jay ...

Thank to all for the kind words !
Jeff, I can’t walk past a nut, bolt, washer, screw, etc. without picking it up LOL .
Brian, Ian, Bruce, Tony & Ancell,
I feel your pain, my first shop was 6×8 in 1965 & I’ve had 4 small shops over the last 50 years .
I started putting casters on everything years ago. I’m always pushing things around or outside.

I’m certainly blessed to have a larger shop in my golden years, but I still roll things around to make room.
I’m sure glad I found the site & all of you. I have already learned a lot .

DLMcKirdy ...

I have 4 racks of the same drawers on the wall behind a workbench. I need more, but the wall is becoming too short! Also, as things get stacked on the bench, access to the bins gets blocked. I may need to retrofit to a cart like yours! Great idea!

Jay ...

Thanks DL, I have enjoyed it, it’s handy when I need to rearrange the shop or just push out of the way if I need a little more room.
It wasn’t hard to move it to this shop that I’m in now.
It took about an hour to take all of the bins out & put in boxes, then I just rolled on to the trailer

a1jim ...

Great idea very well done.

Jay ...

Thanks for taking a look Jim, I have really enjoyed having this in my shop

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I Have More Than One Screw Loose