Adirondack Chair

First attempt at building a chair. I found the pattern online and had a few challenges along the way. Measuring radius of curves and getting a straight cut on the table saw for the back slats. They’re not perfect, but overall am quite pleased with the outcome.

I’ll either take it apart to make templates for the next one or wing it again and see what I get.

Woods: cedar

Tools: sanders jigsaw circular saw table saw bandsaw screw gun clamps

Tags: chai adirondack cedar



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jim webster ...

looks good I make a lot of them

TonyCan ...

Looks good, thats something i have been wanting to build.

Brian ...

That’s on my never ending project list as well.

Michal Bulla ...

I like it, great job!

Brian, your project list has to be veeery long :)

Chris Tasa ...

Yep on my project list but i bought a set of plans for a folding one from lee valley
i know cheating but hey lol

Verry nice work

MaggiesDad ...

Not cheating at all Chris, you still have to cut and build it. Just had a look at their plans, wish I would have started there, getting some of the cuts right was a challenge and several scrap pieces later…

Thanks for all of the positive comments gents!

Steve Tow ...

Really nice!
An old axiom I learned many years ago…“an artist never knows when to quit”
So, darn it, it looks GREAT LOL

a1jim ...

Very cool especially for a first attempt Kevin

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Adirondack Chair