Combination Desk

After watching National Treasure , I knew I had to build a desk similar to the one in the movie .

Each draw has been numbered 1-9 . I put the numbers on the top for easy access .

Larger picture so you can see the numbers

On each side there are 3 fake draws , on the right side when you get the right combination it will turn 90 degrees

on the left side the last draw pops open when draw on right side is turned

A look inside to show how it works

Woods: oak plywood

Tools: bandsaw planer belt sander scroll saw drill press



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Brian ...

That is awesome. A video would be even better!

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

how do i send a video ?

Brian ...

Upload to YouTube and copy the link here.

lanwater ...

My brain hurts.

Joe ...

Wow!! That is a cool looking desk Bruce. Great job!!

Jay ...

Great job! I like hidden compartments & such.
Very nice.
Looking forward to the video !!

Jack ...

I need that!! Nice Bruce.

Chris Tasa ...

Great job Love the thought you put into it and looks amazing

Papa Time ...

Outstanding job.

Mark Parenti ...

Spectacular engineering as well as beautiful workmanship.

a1jim ...

A totally unique design.

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