Batman Bed

Editor's Choice - Apr 17, 2015

So a lady sent me a pic of a batman bed and asked if i could build it. I said sure. so i began.
Started with 3/4 plywood.

And started to lay out my shape, and making cuts with my jig saw.

Next the frame its self. It is made solid, the outside frame is a 2×6 cut down to 2×4 1/2, the center braces are 2×4, and the slats are 3/4×3 1/2.

I mitered the corners of the outside frame.

All the major framing is screwed together, the slats are glued and nailed.
Here it is framed, and holes puddied to give it a smooth finish.

For the paint it is a high gloss latex paint.

Then off to the paint booth. About 5 coats applied.

The pictures dont do the finish justice, looks weird, but dried smooth and shiny. Next it was the lights. Multicolored lights installed.

She was pretty happy, her kiddo should be stoked!

Woods: pine plywood

Tools: jig saw circular saw table saw miter saw orbital sander

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lanwater ...

That’s nice!

Jack ...

Really nice Tony, I know he loved it.

Thorreain ...


Andulino ...

Wow, It’s cool! :)

Brian ...

Great job!

David E. ...

Very cool! What young boy wouldn’t like that!

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thats so cool!!!! Really nice job well done!

jim webster ...

really good job nice work

bake8c ...

This is awesome! Very well done. I do have one question…how did you get your mitered edges to stay true when you drove those screws in? I’m making a platform bed right now, I mitered the edges and when I used some scrap wood to make sure the screws would work well every time I tightened them down the corner would slip and end up out of line. I’m quite new to woodworking this is really a first project i’m doing for myself, thanks for any help you could offer!

TonyCan ...

Bake8c, what i did was drill a pilot hole, and then drove 2 screws in, but not all the way, then drove 1 screw in on the opposite side, i did drill this one in almost all the way, came back and tightened the other 2 then finished off by tightening the single on the opposite side. All while clamped tight between 2 scraps. Hope that helps! Good luck with your build.

a1jim ...

Waay cool bed ,nice bed.

Andymoskowitz ...

How can I get the measurements for the bed?

Andymoskowitz ...

How can I get the measurements for the bed?

TonyCan ...

I didnt really draw this out, just kind of built it. If you google the bed size you want i made the frame 2" oversized of that, then made the headboard in proportion to that.

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