Pat's Tool Chest

This tool chest was requested with 3 storage compartment specifications along with name engraved on lid. The scrap pine plywood painted blue adds contrast to the oak stained wood. Interior has wooden drawer guides instead of metal drawer slides. Aim was to keep cost down. My first tool chest.

Woods: oak plywood pine plywood ash p

Tools: ta router table han sa ban wo wood burning tool mi

Tags: chest with drawers wood tool chest wood handles

Renay's Way


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Renee Turner ...

For the incomplete tool descriptions, the tools were table saw, hand tools, sander, band saw, miter saw, brads, finishing nails, screws, wood glue. I’ll learn how this works eventually. I painted the sides because the wood was scrap plywood to keep cost within budget. I still see more I can do to it, but I’ll save that for the next one I do.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

looks good ,good use of scrap pieces

MaggiesDad ...

Very nice work!

Thorreain ...

You are sure to use this for years to come. Over the years you will discover new skills and better ways of doing things but you will still cherish the first even with all the shortcomings. Great job!

Steve Tow ...

Nice job!

a1jim ...

Nice work and very useful.

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Pat's Tool Chest