Daisy BB Gun Case

Custom design for a lady who wanted a display case for her husband’s, sentimental-value Daisy Target Special BB gun and its intact, original box. The height and width were limited to space next to her fireplace. The felt block behind the barrel has a supermagnet in it. The gun stands in a well in the base. Daisy artwork from the internet. All screws are either on undersides or hidden pockets. Front is hinged with magnet catch.

Woods: 3/4 oak 1/4 oak plywood 1" pine 1/4" hardboard

Tools: table saw jigsaw pocket joinery jig router table and portable router belt and disc sander

Tags: bb gun gun case

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Jeff Vandenberg ...

Thats is a very beautiful gun case. I actually still have my Red Ryder BBgun at my dads house. I too should make a case for it. Yeah ill add it to my bucket list. Lol
well i love the case. Beautiful tone of color

Mark Parenti ...

Thanks. The biggest challenge with this was making the box printing visible while having the strap attached and the rifle upright, with a height-and-width-limited design. Here’s a picture of the full sized template I used to design it. The finish is a TransTint mix of Honey Amber and Golden Brown topped off with several coats of satin MinWax Wipe-on Poly.

a1jim ...

Cool build,i like it.