Starting with a square

In this case i used oak and 30 year old cedar . I was a little off with the dimensions and so if you look close at the top view , you will see one side is shy of the cedar. That’s why the 4 sides have to be the same and centered as close as possible in the lathe.

Woods: oak cedar

Tools: table saw sliding compound saw



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munchy ...

Very nice, would love to see How you made the blank.

Steve Tow ...

WOW ! That is gorgeous Bruce!
I ordered some of Jeff Vandeburgs Tung oil and bees wax finish today, directly from him. Got him on the phone for awhile, he’s a fun character. I can’t wait to try it out. Seems like most all the people on this site are pretty genuine and great,
Like yourself!
Take care keep up the outstanding creations, and thanks for your inspiration.
Steve Tow

Jack ...

Really unique and beautiful Bruce.

Jeff Vandenberg ...

Very awesome. If you wouldn’t have said anything I would have never noticed that. To be honest its so minimal.
Awesome work.
Yes, Steve Tow did order the beeswax and tung oil. Jack just sent me a message to order some. If your interested send me a private message and ill shoot you my number. The wax polish would work very well on the lathe. You could burn that in very well. I just used it on the table I made my mom for mothers day and the top looked like glass.

Jay ...

Great job Bruce, I like the contrast.

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I want to thank everyone for their comments and support .

a1jim ...

great design,nice work,

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Starting with a square