Bench for a one car garage workshop...

Hi folks, this is the second incarnation of a workbench for my one car garage workshop.
With limited room, it was important that the bench had a small footprint and had as much storage as possible.
I knew pretty much what I wanted, and went about making it as simply as possible. It’s pretty much built around the centre cupboard section. This unit was made from 3/4" Baltic Birch ply – the back (also 3/4" BB ply) rebated into the sides, top and bottom to form a super rigid box which was then suspended by two maple leg sections, space left to store flat and frequently used items like saw blades and drill bits. The top then simply fastened from below.
There is a tail vice but you can’t see it and a well, which I ended up filling in with large pencil boxes after getting fed up with it filling with all sorts of crap. The drawer runners are simple wooden ones but are strong enough to allow the drawers to act as a dead man if needed.
Didn’t cost that much to make as I had a nice 2 inch maple plank left over from a job. Used beech to do the dog holes – simply short pieces glued into the construction of the worktop, so I wouldn’t have to mess around cutting dog holes after it was all glued up.
18" wide, 7’6" long, height to my wrist.
I hope someday, when I’ve got the space to make another one just like it and put them back to back.

Doing the best I can with what I've got


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Bentlyj ...

I should have looked at this one first. Wouldn’t want to drive screws into this one.
Nice job, great little bench.

Wheaties - Bruce A Wheatcroft ( BAW Woodworking) ...

very creative , looks good

Brian ...

That looks great. I’m sure it will see a lot of use. I’m itching to start mine, but 10 million other things are in my way.

Thorreain ...

Well done! The cabinet is just what I was looking to add under my bench. Mine isn’t against a wall so it will have drawers on both sides. Yours is exactly what I envisioned to build. Thanks for posting.

a1jim ...

A very fine bench made of the highest quality, as I’d expect with your great workmanship.

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Bench for a one car garage workshop...